Create the backend of a gambling application within an hour with our powerful API. (See Documentation)
Provide users a 100% provably fair gambling experience with WAX blockchain technology
Never worry about having too little money to start a gambling site because the dapp will manage the risk and sends you payments each time a user wagers.
Invest in the bankroll and earn WAX passively, even if you're not a developer

Example Application

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With betpink.gg, we implemented all of the awesome things that our bankroll service offers. The main game mode is a 40 second cycle roll with 4 different outcomes to bet on. The bets of all players are shown, as well as a history of the past results. There also is a chat for everyone to use, which runs completely over the pink.network API. The entire site is 100% front-end only, which would be unthinkable without the powerful API that pink.network offers.

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How does it work?

Instead of having to fund an own bankroll, developers are able to directly use the bankroll of our smart contract. Both the odds of winning as well as the payout of a bet are completely customizable, and even linking multiple bets of various users to a single outcome is possible. The 3rd party developer is paid completely indifferent from the outcome of the bets. For example, lets assume a bet of 100 WAX with a 50% chance of winning and a 1.9x payout was created.

Statistical House edge = 1 - 0.5 * 1.9 = 1 - 0.95 = 5%
Bankroll fee = 1%
3rd party edge = 5% - 1% = 4%
3rd party payout = 100 WAX * 4% = 4 WAX

Regardless of whether the user wins the bet or not, the developer utilizing our bankroll will always be paid exactly 4 WAX. This shifts the risk completely away from the developer, and allows for a stable income without any risks.

The core of our system is a smart contract, allowing anyone to place bets on outcomes of their choosing. The randomness for these bets is provided by the WAX Random Number Generator, which can guarantee unpredictable randomness to all parties involved. The contract will also allow anyone interested to contribute to the bankroll by staking their own WAX tokens. This will allow the contract to accept higher bets, benefiting the ecosystem directly. Because of the guaranteed house edge of 1% in every bet, this will allow for a relatively low risk investment over medium to long timespans.


You can increase your fortune not just by playing, but also by investing in the bankroll and profiting from the dapp's profits. This benefits the whole community, as it allows the contract to offer higher paying bets. You can withdraw your investment at any time and receive your share of the bankroll back.

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In order to simplify the process for 3rd party developers, we have built a HTTP + Websocket API that almost entirely abstract the interaction with the blockchain. Dealing with any blockchain directly can be quite tricky. By giving developers access to a simple to use API, we significantly lower the burden of entry and make it possible to run gambling services without any backend whatsoever. On top of that, we also have released a NPM module, which makes our service very easy to use for javascript developers

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