Creating value for the EOSIO ecosystem

Our core competencies

Block Production

As active block producers on the WAX and Lynx Blockchain, we provide part of the technical infrastructure of these networks. We take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to ensure that our nodes are both as fast and as reliable as possible.

Useful Services

For us, being a block producer is about more than just providing the technical foundation of a blockchain. Our goal is to strengthen the blockchain ecosystem as a whole, and we feel we can add a lot of value by providing useful services for users.


Smart contracts and the dapps built on top of them are perhaps the most exciting thing about modern blockchains, and we take full advantage of that. A good example of that is the decentralized bankroll service that we built, and we have a lot more in the pipeline.


We believe that the gaming market has the chance to act as a springboard for blockchains to reach mass adoption, and we’re fully ready to embrace this. We are especially excited about NFT based games and are ready to become active participants in this space.


We at are a young team of blockchain enthusiasts that have made it their goal to push forward decentralization. We have no doubt that moving away from central entities is the way of the future, and we want to help reach decentralized applications, and in particular blockchains, mass adoption.

We started our journey by taking part in the #BuildOnWax contest held by the WAX team, creating a decentralized bankroll service together with an example gambling site implementing it. In the end we prevailed against the 13 other final contestants and won the $10,000 first prize.

Shortly after that, we announced our candidacy as a WAX guild. We took a top 21 spot in the first ever Inspector General Rating and have been an active block producer ever since. As part of our commitment to the WAX ecosystem, we have built, a suite of microservices specifically targeted for WAX. Especially the stats and guide sites have become an integral part of the WAX community.

Since the beginning of 2020, we are also an active block producer on the Lynx blockchain. Just like WAX, Lynx shares a lot of our values and visions, and we are looking forward to take an active role in shaping the future of Lynx just like we are doing with WAX.

Decentralized Bankroll

Our decentralized, open source bankroll service enables 3rd party developers around the world to build provably fair gambling applications. By using the contract, developers can offer their users gambling games without having to take any of the financial risk.

The powerful and well documented REST / Websocket API that we offer also allow developers to build their applications without needing to set up any own backend. And for even simpler integration, we also offer a NPM module

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23th July 2019

Bankroll Service launches

Our decentralized, open source bankroll service launches and enables 3rd party developers to build their own provably fair WAX gambling sites

27th August 2019

Announced as winner of #BuildOnWax contest

Our bankroll service prevailed against the 13 other final contestants and won the $10,000 first prize of the #BuildOnWax contest

3rd September 2019

WAX Guild Candidacy

We announced our candidacy as a WAX guild. We view this as the most direct way to shape the future of the WAX blockchain. Learn more about our candidacy here

8th September 2019

Launch of WAX Avatar microservice

A decentralized photo service that allows uploading avatars to IPFS and linking them to your WAX account. (Available here)

18th September 2019

Launch of WAX Snapshot microservice

Download WAX mainnet snapshots directly from our guild node. Using them dramatically speeds up the initial syncing if you want to run your own node (Available here)

27th September 2019

Launch of WAX Account Creator microservice

A service which makes it possible to create a WAX account with EOS or ETH without a phone number or WAX All Access (Available here)

22th October 2019

Launch of WAX Stats Site

See detailed statistics about WAX specific stats like WAX burned or dapp activity. (Available here)

18th November 2019

Producing on WAX Mainnet

We were rated by the WAX OIG and were voted in the top 21 (Available here)

16th January 2020

Launch of WAX Guide Site

More than 30 guides for both newcomers and experts that will help you learn more about WAX. (Available here)

9th February 2020

AtomicAssets NFT Standard

AtomicAssets is a new NFT standard that we believe makes NFTs ready for mass adoption. Significantly lower RAM cost, more usable for users, and more powerful for developers. (Read more here)

22th April 2020

Producing on Proton Mainnet

We were voted in the top 21 on Proton Chain and we plan to release microservices as well

30th June 2020

AtomicHub - Interface for AtomicAssets

An interface for the AtomicAssets NFT standard which allows users to trade, buy, sell and create NFTs on the blockchain (Read more here)

Stay tuned...

We have more projects in the pipeline which we will announce soon!



Jona Wilmsmann

Co-Founder, Blockchain Developer


Smart Contract Development
Content Creation / Content Writing
Computer Science student at the Technical University Munich.
Experience with both Ethereum and EOS smart contract development.

Fabian Emilius

Co-Founder, Fullstack Developer

Portfolio | Telegram

Website Development
Backend Development
Computer Science student at the Technical University Munich.
Over 8 years experience in website development.
Extensive experience creating both CSGO item based websites and VGO / vIRL based websites, implementing WAX ExpressTrade.

Raphael Roman



Creation of visual concepts
Visual Content Creation
Media Design student at the Media Design University for Design and IT in Munich
7 years of design experience, focused on webdesign

All three of us first met each other more than 10 years ago in school. We’re based in Munich, Germany and have worked on previous projects together for ~5 years already. We believe in a decentralized future, where no single entity will have control over our lifes. Our goal is to help grow blockchain projects, by enabling both developers and end users to build awesome stuff.